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how to buy gift cards

Buying Basics

Discounted gift cards are the new way to save money. By buying discounted gift cards for less than face value, you get more for less from your favorite merchants! You can save up to 35% on your purchase!

  • Choose from more than 1100 retailers, including best-sellers, Target, Home Depot, Starbucks, and TJ Maxx.
    • Select the “Buy Gift Card” link at the top of any page or
    • Type your favorite retailer into the search box
  • Add as many cards as you like to your shopping cart.
  • Sign In to CardXchange – Not registered yet? Creating an account is fast and simple.
  • When you are ready to complete your purchase, simply choose your method of payment.
  • You can pay with a credit card, Bitcoin or through your PayPal account.
  • If you purchased “Printable eCards” your order will be sent to your email address within 24 hours (pending approval), but most orders, especially if you have purchased in the past, are sent within minutes.
  • If you purchased physical gift cards please allow up to 7 days for the cards to arrive by mail.

About CardXchange Gift Cards

At CardXchange we buy unwanted gift cards from regular Americans and then resell those gift cards to you at a discount.
You will notice that many of our cards have uneven balances such as $127.94. Because we are reselling the actual cards
we do not control the values that the cards carry.

Shipping Information

Shipping is FREE at CardXchange!

Physical gift cards are shipped through the US Postal Service, and shipping times vary depending upon your location. Please allow up to 7 days for your cards to arrive.

Orders that qualify for tracking may be tracked by logging into your account, selecting your name in the upper right corner, and then selecting the order in “My Account”.

Please note that at this time CardXchange does not accept any orders from outside the United States.


All sales on CardXchange are final. Of course, our 45 day CardXchange Guarantee
ensures that your gift card is a valid gift card and that its actual value equals the value you purchased within the first 45 days of your order.

It is important to understand that use of a secondary market such as CardXchange comes with inherent risks. For this reason we strongly
recommend that you use your gift cards within our 45 day guarantee period. If you do have any concerns with your order or cards, we provide the ability to resolve many issues on your order dashboard.
Or, you can always email us at

Identity Verification

In some instances, we may require that you verify your identity before your purchase can be completed. Once your account is verified in our system, you will not need to be verified again unless your CardXchange account information changes.

If your order requires identity verification, you may be contacted either through the phone number you provided on your CardXchange account or by email. If this verification is required, your order will be processed only after verification completion.

Volume Buyers

If you have are interested in buying gift cards in large volumes, at least around $5,000 in monthly purchases, please contact us at: and a member of our bulk buying team will reach out to you.

Problem Resolution

We’ve got you covered! Please consult the CardXchange Guarantee to learn more about the protections we provide, and don’t hesitate to email us at